BIOSTAR is proud to introduce the new RACING series motherboard lineup. Flaunting the new Super 5 Design Concept, the RACING series motherboards' features support the latest intel 6th generation Core processor chipsers. They can support up to four DDR4 memory modules with speeds up to DDR4-3200(OC) with capacities of up to 64GB.

BIOSTAR's VIVID LED DJ in tandem with the onboard LED lighting of the BIOSTAR RACING series allows up to full-color variations versus up to 16 on competing motherboards. BIOSTAR also opted to go with a neutral board color scheme allowing the LEB illumination on the PCB and heatsinks to be customized allowing a wide-range of color schemes for easy pairing with your build color of choice.

In addition, VIVID LED DJ allows custom lighting effects including constant lighting, breathing effect, sparking and tempo-reactive lighting which follows the beat of your music and aduio creating a really dynamic lighting effect especially for music fans. BIOSTAR RACING motherboards also allow custom profile lighting via its GT Touch function allowing specific loghting setups for both ECO mode and Sport mode, which are exclusive by BIOSTAR.