T-Power2™ is a new powerful MB utility designed by Biostar Engineers for use only on Biostar motherboards and VGA cards.

T-Power2™ interact hardware and software management. T-Power2 features Windows-based OC Tweaker™, BIO-WATCH™, eHot-line™ and Biostar Flash™ into a user-friendly interface providing users the perfect environment with which to maximize performance and stability.



Main Panel


The main panel provides OC Tweaker, eHot-Line, BIO-watch, and Biostar Flash buttons for launching the respective programs.Besides you can also change the skin of the main panel.



OC Tweaker

On the main panel, you can click on the OC Tweaker button to launch this function. The OC Tweaker provides automatic/manual over-clock function for BIOSTAR motherboard, and even for some BIOSTAR VGA card (VR8xxx series only) which is powered by V-Ranger.


If your have installed a V-Ranger powered BIOSTAR VGA card, then the left window of the VGA card information would show like this. VGA card over-clock function will be enabled.





By this function, the utility will set the best and stable performance and frequency automatically.


Click on then a Warning dialog will show. This dialog tells that all running applications should be closed before the auto over-clock procedure. The utility will do a series of test continually; do not do any operation during the test procedure. Click OK to proceed or Cancel to stop.


After proceeding the tests would start, and a warning message would continually show telling that do not do any action to interfere the testing procedure. The testing procedure takes minutes; you can stop the procedure by clicking Cancel.


For getting the best performance, the utility will repeat the test continually until the system hang or fail, and then the system will auto-reboot. After that, launch the T-Power2 and enter the OC Tweaker again, you will find the setting has been restored to a safest and best performance status. Save this setting is recommended.



Manual OC

To manually adjust the clock and voltage, just click the or beside the number. (For V-Ranger powered VGA card, click then the beside the VGA values will show.) After the adjustment, click to verify the supplied value is recommended. If the test passes, following dialog will show; click OK to proceed.


<V3/V6/V9/V12/V15 Engine>


By clicking , the utility would over-clock the system with certain fixed percentage. When the V3/V6/V9/V12/V15 engine is activated, you will see the green light bar on the left rising to the top of the button. This function is recommended for any inexperienced users.

<Save/Load/Delete Setting>

You can save current setting to a file by clicking , then a dialog as bellow will show.

Enter file name and click “Save”, and then the current setting would be saved.

To load a previously saved file, click on , and the saved files would show as bellow. Click on the file name and then choose “Yes” to load the setting.

To delete a previously saved file; load the setting first a click on (for VGA setting is ) a choose “Yes”, and the setting file will be deleted.

(Be aware of that VGA setting for V-Ranger powered VGA card must be saved/loaded/deleted respectively.)

Over-clock is an optional process but not a “must-do” process, and actual over-clock result varies by every individual PC system. Therefore, we will neither guarantee any over-clock performance nor be responsible for any system damage that may be caused by over-clock. Any values or performance shown above are for reference only.




BIO-watch is a control and monitor utility that helps you to maintain the health of the PC. It provides real-time information of CPU/GPU/System temperature, fan speed, and voltage; and fan control function.

<Fan Calibrate>


At the very first time entering this utility, fan calibrate will be made automatically. After that you can also click to manually calibrate the fan.

<Fan Auto/Manual Control>

When the “AUTO” button looks like , it means fans are under auto-control. Click the button to then you can manually adjust fan speed.

Click the auto-control off and then the adjust level will show; use the level to increase/decrease the fan speed. Be aware if the fan level been down to 0%, the fan will still not completely stop; this is for your system’s protection.

<Fan Control Settings>


Click to enter the fan control setting dialog. Here you can set CPU temperature to control the fan; including target CPU temperature, CPU temperature for full fan speed, and CPU temperature for shutdown system. Besides, you can also see system information in this dialog.




eHot-Line is a convenient utility that helps you to contact with our Tech-Support system. This utility will collect the system information which is useful for analyzing the problem you may have encountered, and then send these information to our tech-support department to help you fix the problem.

Before you use this utility, please set Outlook Express as your default e-mail client application program.


The main panel of eHot-Line shows BIOS information, motherboard model name, and chipset information, click on “SETTING” to enter.


The Privacy Statement shows; and please read through it. If you agree with the statement, click “Yes” to proceed; If not, click “No” to leave.



After agreeing with the privacy statement, fill up the table in the following dialog.




After filling up this information, click “Send” to send the mail out. A warning dialog would appear asking for your confirmation; click “Send” to confirm or “Do Not Send” to cancel.


If you want to save this information to a .txt file, click “Save As…” and then you will see a saving dialog appears asking you to enter file name.


Enter the file name and then click “Save”. Your system information will be saved to a .txt file.


Open the saved .txt file, you will see your system information including Motherboard / BIOS / CPU / video / device / OS information. This information is also concluded in the sent mail.


We will not share customer’s data with any other third parties, so please feel free to provide your system information while using eHot-Line service.

If you are not using Outlook Express as your default e-mail client application, you may need to save the system information to a .txt file and send the file to our tech support with other e-mail application. Go to the following web http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en-us/about/contact.php for getting our contact information.



Biostar Flash

Biostar Flash is a convenient utility which allows you to update your motherboard BIOS under Windows system.

<Backup BIOS>


Once click on this button, the saving dialog will show. Choose the position to save file and enter file name. (We recommend that the file name should be English/number and no longer than 7 characters.) Then click Save.

After the saving process, finish dialog will show. Click on OK to complete the BIOS Backup procedure.

<Update BIOS>

Before doing this, please download the proper BIOS file from our website: www.biostar.com.tw

Update BIOS procedure should be run with Clear CMOS (or Restart) function, so please check on Clear CMOS (or Restart) first.


Then click Update BIOS button, a dialog will show for asking you backup current BIOS. Click Yes for BIOS backup and refer to the Backup BIOS procedure; or click No to skip this procedure.


After the BIOS Backup procedure, the open dialog will show for requesting the BIOS file which is going to be updated. Please choose the proper BIOS file for updating, then click on Open.

The utility will update BIOS with the proper BIOS file.
After the BIOS Update process, click on OK to restart the system.


While the system boots up and the full screen logo shows, press <Delete> key to enter BIOS setup.

In the BIOS setup, choose Load Optimized Defaults and press <Enter>--><Y>--><Enter>. After that use Save and Exit Setup to exit BIOS setup. BIOS Update is completed.

All the information and content above about the T-Power 2 utility are subject to be changed without notice. For better performance, the utility is being continuously updated. The information and pictures described above are for your reference only. The actual information and settings on board may be slightly different from this manual.