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What should I do If the system BIOS was corrupted after the flashing process ?
In most cases the BIOS need to be re-programmed with an EEPROM writer; please ask your reseller for help. However, you could try the following method before that.
All Biostar motherboard has Boot-block function. This special function will help to secure the corruption of system BIOS. Boot-block occupies 8K spaces in the BIOS, but it will remain intact during the flashing process. Once the flashing process unsuccessful but fortunately the Boot-block section has not been corrupted, following method able to recover your system BIOS.
  1. Copy the BIOS and Awdflash.exe utility under a bootable Floppy Disk. You can download the BIOS through Biostar Website.
  2. Click here to Download BIOS Flash Utility.
  3. Change file name from awdflash.8.60C.exe to AWDFLASH.EXE.
  4. Insert the Floppy into the system and power on the system. The system will execute the program automatically.
  5. Please wait for two minute and then reboot the system.
If the BIOS is restored successfully, the system able to boot normally. If not, perhaps the EEPROM has been physical destroyed accidentally or the Boot-block section has corrupted also.