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Product overview
GeForce FX5700 Series adopts the up-to-date 3D graphics chipset of NVIDIA's most powerful GeForce FX members, the GeForce FX 5700 visual processing units (VPU). It leads you to a new era of graphics and gaming. With a GeForce FX 5700 performance-class series powering your graphics experiences, you can run applications and games at higher resolutions and at speeds never before possible. Powered by advanced NVIDIA technologies includeing the CineFX™ 2.0 engine, UltraShadow™ technology, and the ForceWare™ unified software environment, the Geforce FX 5700 performance-class series delivers high-performance cinematic gaming, unmatched features, rock-solid stability, and compatibility with next-generation games.
  • GeForce FX 5700LE

  • AGP 8X

     Memory size & type
  • 128 MB (VN570LEC3B, VN570LEC2B) / 256 MB (VN570LED3B) DDR

  • 400MHz

     Output connectors
  • VGA output: D-Sub
  • TV-out connector: S-video out
  • DVI connector (optional)

  • Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0
  • OpenGL® 1.5 and lower
  • nVIDIA nView™ Multi-Display
  • WHQL-certified for Windows® XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000

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    VPU Features

     UltraShadow™ Technology

  • enhance the performance of bleeding-edge games that use complex shadows
  • accelerate shadow computations

     NVIDIA CineFX™ 2.0 Engine

  • Advanced pixel shaders allow floating-point pixel shader operations to run 2x faster
  • Support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 pixel shader 2.0+.
  • Support for DirectX® 9.0 vertex shader 2.0+.
  • Very long pixel programs up to 1,024 instructions.
  • Very long vertex programs up to 256 static instructions with up to 65,536 instructions executed before termination.
  • Dynamic flow control
  • Conditional execution and write masking.
  • Procedural shading
  • Full instruction set for vertex and pixel programs
  • Z-correct bump mapping
  • Hardware-accelerated shadow effects with shadow buffers
  • Two-sided stencil
  • Programmable matrix palette skinning
  • Keyframe animation
  • Custom lens effects: fish eye, wide angle, fresnel effects, water refraction.
  • Architected for Cg and Microsoft® HLSL for maximum compatibility for next generation content.
  • Native hardware support for 32 bpp, 64bpp and 128 bpp rendering modes.
  • Up to 12 pixel shader operations/clock.

     High-Precision 3D Graphics

  • Up to 8 pixels per clock rendering engine
  • 128-bit, studio-quality, floating-point precision computation through the entire rendering pipeline.
  • Native support up to 128-bit floating point integer rendering mode.
  • Up to 16 textures per pass
  • Support for sRGB texture format for gamma textures
  • DirectX® and S3TC texture compression

     High-Performace 2D Rendering Engine

  • Optimized for 32-, 24-, 16-, 15- and 8-bpp modes.
  • True-color, 64x64 hardware cursor alpha.
  • Multibuffering (double, triple or quad) for smooth animation and video playback.UltraShadow Technology

     Intellisample™ Technology

  • Blistering-fast anitaliasing performance
  • Adaptive texture filtering
  • Support for advanced lossless compression algorithms for both color and z-data
  • Fast z-clear
  • Intellisample™ HCT extends performance and quality gains to higher resolutions and frame rates

     Advanced display Pipeline with Full nView™ Capabilities

  • Dual RAMDACs (up to 400MHz) for display resolution up to and including [email protected]
  • DVD and HDTV-ready MPEG-2 decoding up to 1920x1080i resolutions
  • Integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder support resolutions up to 1024x768 without the need for panning with built-in Macrovision copy protection
  • DVI support for compatibility with next-generation flat panel displays with resolutions up to and including 1600x1200
  • NVIDIA® NVRotate™ application for advanced viewing flexibility
  • NVIDIA® NVKeystone™ application for advanced display correction.

     Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) 3.0

  • DVC color controls
  • DVC image sharpening controls

     Rocket Science technology

  • AGP 8X including Fast Writes and sideband addressing
  • Copper vias and wiring
  • Advanced thermal monitoring and thermal management
  • Copper vias and wiring
  • 0.13Łg process technology for higher levels of integration and higher operating clock speeds.

     Available Models

  • VN570LED3B, VN570LEC3B, VN570LEC2B
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