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Product overview
  • NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT GPU
  • 256MB, 128-bit DDR2 Memory
  • Superscalar 12-pipe GPU Architecture
  • Innovation PCI Express with Dual DVI/ TV-out ports
  • CineFX 4.0 Engine supports DirectX 9.0c, OpenGL 2.0 & Shader Model 3.0
  • Supports SLI technology & PureVideo Technology & Full nView Multi-Display Technology
  • Supports Intellisample 4.0 & UltraShadow II & Digital Vibrance Control (DVC) 3.0 Technology
  • Supports True High dynamic-range (HDR) Lighting
  • Specifications
  • GeForce 7600GTX

  • PCI-Express x16

    Memory size & type
  • 256MB DDR2 / 128-bit memory bus

    Engine Clock
  • 580MHz

  • 400MHz

    Memory Clock
  • 900MHZ

    Max Resolution
  • [email protected]

    Output connectors
  • Dual DVI / TV-Out

  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0
  • OpenGL 2.0
  • nVIDIA nView Multi-Display
  • WHQL-certified for Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows 2000

  • Enlarge Pic
    GPU Features

    Next-Generation Superscalar GPU Architecture
    Full Microsoft DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 Support
    NVIDIA CineFX4.0 Engine
    NVIDIA SLI Technology
    NVIDIA Intellisample 4.0 Technology
    True High Dynamic-Range (HDR) Rendering Support
    NVIDIA PureVideo Technology
    Adaptable Programmable Video Processor
    High-Definition H.264, MPEG-2 and WMV Hardware Acceleration
    Advanced Spatial Temporal De-Interlacing
    High-Quality Scaling
    Video Color Correction
    Integrated HDTV Encoder
    NVIDIA UltraShadow II Technology
    128-Bit Studio-Precision Computation
    Full-Speed 32-Bit Color Precision
    NVIDIA ForceWare Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
    OpenGL 2.0 Optimizations and Support
    NVIDIA nView Multi-Display Technology
    NVIDIA Digital Vibrance Control?3.0 Technology
    PCI Express Support
    Dual 400MHz RAMDACs
    Dual-Link DVI Support
    90nm Process Technology
    Built for Microsoft Windows Vista

    SKU: V7602GT21
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