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Document Number: 80020 Last Updated: 8/21/2003
How do I update my motherboard BIOS?
First you should determine your current BIOS version. You will find the board's BIOS version number on the POST screen. It is generally displayed near the upper-lefthand screen corner. If you only see the Biostar splash screen but not the POST screen, hit TAB key a few times. The POST screen usually scrolls off very fast, you can use the PAUSE/BREAK key to temporarily suspend the bootup process. After jotting down the version number, hit SPACE to continue booting.

For instance, if you see version "VIT0312F", the VIT is the board's model number (in this case, M7VIT); the 0312 is the BIOS date, and the F indicates that this BIOS does not contain the Biostar splash screen (B version does).

All modern Biostar motherboards feature the Flasher technology for easy BIOS updating. If you have a legacy board, please download the Award flashing utility from our web site and follow the instructions in the README.TXT file instead. The procedure below does not apply to legacy boards.

Download the BIOS file from our web site (e.g. VIT0312B.BIN) then save it to a floppy disk. Restart the computer. Enter the CMOS setup by pressing DELETE. Choose "Upgrade BIOS" from the CMOS Setup main menu. The Flasher utility will automatically detect and highlight the BIOS file (in this example, VIT0312B.BIN) on the next screen.

Make sure the BIOS file is hightlighted and press ENTER. Answer Y when prompted. After the flashing is done, reset the computer and enter CMOS Setup again. This time choose "Load Optimized Defaults" from the main menu. Hit F10 to save and exit.
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