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Document Number: 80006 Last Updated: 8/21/2003
I am getting no beep, no POST, and no video display when I turn on my computer.

  1. Try reseating the CPU and memory modules.
  2. If the CPU cooler fan and power supply fan are not spinning, take the motherboard out of the chassis and test it again. Faulty grounding may be shorting out your board.
  3. Make sure the Frequency Selection jumper (JCLK) is set according to your CPU's Frontside Bus speed.
  4. Be sure the CMOS clearing jumper (JCMOS) has pins 1-2 closed, not 2-3.
  5. Clear CMOS settings. Unplug the power cord, move the jumper cap of JCMOS from pins 1-2 to 2-3 and leave it there for 5 seconds. Move the jumper cap back to pins 1-2. Plug in the power cord, turn it on.
  6. Disconnect all data cables (IDE, floppy, SATA) and remove all expansion cards. Try booting up with just the CPU, one stick of memory, and onboard video (for boards with vidoe built-in; else use a plain-vanilla video card).
  7. Try booting up the system with just the CPU installed, withouy any memory. If the board emits beeps, then the memory is the problem.
  8. Finally, try a different CPU.
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