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Chipset   Models
Socket A
VIA KM133A  M7VKG      
VIA KT133 / 133A  M7VKD      
VIA KT266  M7VIB      
Socket 478
Intel 845-B  M7TDE  M7TDF  P4TDP  
Intel 845E  P4TDK  P4TDP Pro    
Intel 845G  P4TDG  P4TDH    
Intel 850  M7TTB      
SiS 645  M7SXD  M7SXF    
SiS 645DX  P4SDP      
SiS 650  M7SXG      
SiS 650GX  P4SDL  P4SDR  P4SFA  
VIA P4M266  U8668  U8668 Pro  U8868  
VIA P4M266A  U8668 Grand      
VIA P4X266A  U8568      
VIA P4X266E  U8568 Pro  U8569  U8768  U8788
VIA P4X400  U8598  U8798    
Socket 370
Intel 815EP  M6TSU      
Still can't find your board? Biostar no longer provide information on its legacy products. If you are looking for manuals or drivers for legacy products, you might find some of them in Documentations and Download Area, respectively.
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