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Biostar announced a new Small Form Factor system, iDEQ. Utilizing Biostar's leading technology in motherboards, the iDEQ delivers superior features and reliable performance. The compact and futuristic exterior follows the aesthetic pedigree established in Biostar's all-in-one LCD PC. Adaptable for many different applications, iDEQ will find its place in many homes as well as offices.

"iDEQ is a simpler, more convenient and intelligent PC designed to replace desktop towers. Not only is it small and artistic, it is also designed to be operationally efficient. " said Ted Hsu, vice president of system products business unit at Biostar. "To ensure high customization and meeting our customers' diverse demands, we offer four distinct iDEQ models based on SiS, Nvidia, VIA and Intel chipsets."

Equipped with an original front sliding panel, iDEQ reflects chic looks and sensible styling. Measuring just 210 x 323 x 180 mm (W x D x H), the compact package houses all the prominent features of today's desktop computers. The iDEQ series supports both Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon XP processors. Externally, there are enough ports available - for devices such as digital-camera, PDA, MP3 players, etc - to ensure expandability.

iDEQ was designed with an innovative system for better ventilation and noise reduction. Unlike other small form factor systems, iDEQ has an uncluttered interior without any twisted or disarrayed cables that disrupt air flow. Smartly located power fan and CPU cooler fan work in conjunction to expel hot air from the machine and keep the temperature down.

When it comes to installation and expandability, iDEQ is specifically designed for easy setup and upgrade. Installing CPU, RAM and hard drives only require the removal of a side panel. Aside from the integrated video and audio, all iDEQs feature one AGP slot and one PCI slot for future upgrades.

StudioFun is the media station application developed by Biostar that offers an intuitive front-end for users to play multimedia files.


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