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Biostar iDEQ Mini PCs are the first small form factor barebone systems to offer support for Intel's new Pentium 4 Prescott processor. The Prescott has improved hyper-threading performance, twice the level 2 cache size than its predecessor, and is equipped with 13 new instructions for optimized multimedia performance. Manufactured using the 90-nanometer process, the chip has higher headroom for clock frequency.

The iDEQ 200A offers Prescott support with the latest PCB version 1.2. The iDEQ 200T is Prescott-ready (with BIOS 1218) regardless of the PCB version.

The iDEQs are award-winning small form factor systems designed and manufactured by Biostar. Incorporating innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies, the iDEQs stand at the forefront of the SFF computing revolution.


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