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Biostar iDEQ 300G MCE-I / 300M were honored with the Taiwan Symbol of Excellence 2005 award. The iDEQ 300 series stood out among all other nominees through its beautifully crafted exterior and revolutionary mechanical design. The Symbol of Excellence is a testimony to Biostarís unwavering dedication to research & development, quality assurance, and brand promotion.

The Board of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan Trade Development Council (TAITRA) are the agencies responsible for carrying out comprehensive promotion of Taiwan's product image, on which the Ministry of Economic Affairs places much importance. Taiwan Symbol of Excellence winning products undergo strict evaluation in five categories: research and development/innovation, design, quality system, market position and brand recognition, and carry the InnoValue mark associated with this award. TAITRA has registered the InnoValue mark in more than 90 countries and regions around the globe, and works to promote the mark both at home and abroad, building awareness among members of industry and consumers.

The purpose of the InnoValue mark is to create a strong international image for Taiwan's products and an easy way to differentiate innovative, quality products in overseas markets. Since the inception of this awards program, much effort has been placed on transforming Taiwan's product image, with emphasis on the innovation and value of Taiwanese made products. Through a diversity of trade and economic networks, Taiwan's InnoValue products are being promoted in international markets.

iDEQ 300G MCE-I is the first small form factor system to feature Intel 915G chipset and a self-contained DVD/MP3/FM Radio player. The iDEQ 300G MCE-I is a mini PC with powers that rival any desktop computer and a perfect example of how creative technology can be applied to mechanical design. After removing the side and top panels by loosening three thumbscrews, the patented chassis opens upward to allow unhindered access to the machineís interior. Component installation and upgrade have never been this easy in any small form factor computer.

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