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The M7NCD Pro is a performance-oriented motherboard utilizing the NVIDIA nFORCE2 400 Ultra/MCP chipset. Its 400MHz front side bus, 128-bit Dual DDR memory architecture, and overclockability satisfy even the most demanding power users.
• Processor:
AMD Athlon XP, Athlon and Duron processors
400 MHz Front Side Bus


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• Chipset:
NVIDIA nForce2 400 Ultra + MCP

• Memory:
3 x 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMM
Maximum 3.0 GB
Dual Channel DDR 200/266/333/400
For Dual-channel DDR (128-bit) performance, at least 2 or more DIMM modules must be installed in both DIMMA and DIMMB. With only one DIMM module installed, the memory performance is limited to 64-bit.

• Slots:
5 x PCI
1 x AGP (4X / 8X)

• IDE:
4 x EIDE devices
Ultra DMA33/66/100/133 Bus Master Mode

• I/O:
1 x Parallel, 2 x serial
1 x PS/2 mouse, 1x PS/2 keyboard
2 x Rear USB 2.0
1 x Game Port
1 x Speak-out, 1 x Line-in, 1 x Mic.-in
1 x Floppy
4 x Front USB 2.0
1 x Front audio header
1 x IrDA header
1 x CD In header
1 x Chassis intrusion header
1 x WOL header

• Audio:
Realtek ALC650 6-Channel AC'97 CODEC

• LAN:

• Hardware Monitor:
CPU / System Fan Speed
CPU Voltage
AGP Voltage
CPU Temperature
Vcore,+3.3V,+5V,+12V, -5V, -12V

• Size:
ATX Form Factor
24.4cm X 30.5cm ( W x L )

• Accessories:
1 x User's Manual
1 x HDD Cable
1 x FDD Cable
1 x Norton Application Pack CD (Norton Internet Security 2003 and Norton Ghost 2003)
1 x Fully Setup Driver CD

Product Info
    - BIOS
    - Drivers
    - Manual
    - CPU Support

Bjorn3d reviews the high-performance yet affordable M7NCD Pro


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