7 Lucky winners get to take great prizes from BIOSTAR and their partner brands

July 1st, 2022, Taipei, Taiwan – BIOSTAR, a leading brand of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices, today announces their global giveaway tour of 2022.


Exciting news for all the BIOSTAR fans as the famous motherboard manufacturer teams up with market-leading PC brands and popular influencers to organize their global giveaway tour of 2022. With prizes including their most popular Intel-based motherboard, the Z690GTA, and many other popular products from partner brands, BIOSTAR is global giveaway tour is something no one would want to miss out on.


The global giveaway tour aims to provide worldwide BIOSTAR fans a chance to walk away with staggering prizes and have the opportunity to witness great content created by their favorite influencers.


BIOSTAR plans to host the global giveaway tour as four separate events, with the first three stages targeting specific regions and a globally open giveaway as the grand finale. Eagerly poised, BIOSTAR is 2022 giveaway calendar starts on the 1 st of July, firstly targeting the Americas, Australia, Canada, and the UK followed by a Europe giveaway, then Asia, and lastly ending with a globally open grand giveaway with a jaw-dropping prize for anyone to win.


Partnering up with famous PC brands like TT, LIAN LI, FSP, and V-COLOR for these wonderful festivities, BIOSTAR plans to work with one renowned influencer from each region to carry out special events containing pc build content and many more.


Dedicated to engaging and entertaining their loyal fans and consumers, BIOSTAR urges everyone to stay tuned to all their social media channels to learn more about the giveaway events so no one will miss this great opportunity.


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