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Repair / RMA (For USA) (RMA Policy)

For USA Authorized Distributors Only
Email: [email protected]

RMA : Follow Step RMA Procedure

End users or indirect customer:
Thank you for choosing Biostar Motherboard. Due to the unique configuration of each computer, we recommend you to contact your dealer for technical support. If you would like contact us for technical support. Please fill our E-support https://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/support/e-support.php and give us a serial number and detailed description of the problem along with the following information. (System Configuration: Model Name, PCB version, BIOS Version, Operating System, CPU, Memory, VGA, HDD, Power Supply ,Problem Description)

How to Find the Serial Number (PID)?

Additional system configuration information may require.

Biostar provides warranty service for motherboards with Authorized Distributor only (Notice: Offer the first year for mining motherboard, 2-3 years for other series. Parallel import will not be attended), users should refer to the retailer or original vendor RMA policy. If experiencing difficulties in warranty service through your dealer or place of purchase, Biostar will attempt to resolve this issue.

For the motherboard that out of warranty, there is no service from our RMA center. Biostar USA will only provide warranty service to Biostar products purchased within Biostar USA.

Please be advised if the unit is used for crypto currency mining required with refer with our Authorized Distributor only (parallel import will not be attend).

Graphic Card, SSD and memory are not covered in our RMA service US. This user must refer to the retailer or original vender RMA & Refund policy.

CID (Customer Induced Damage) Policy, means will not covered in our RMA service following symptom:

  • PCB Broken (the reason caused those damage is due to improper packing, falling or an external force)
  • PCB Bent (those reason caused those damaged are due to improper packing or incorrect installation)
  • PCB Trace Scratched (Those Scratched Are Caused by Incorrect Installation, Impact by A Sharp Object or Overlapping of Motherboard Without A Sponge.)
  • PCB Burnt (The Burnt PCB Are Caused by Unstable Power, Over-Voltage, Over-Current or Improper Installations.)
  • PCB or Components Oxidized (Those Damaged Are Caused by Humidity or Weather Condition.)
  • Components Missing
  • IC or Mosfet Damage (The Burnt Chipset or IC Are Caused By Unstable Power, Over-Voltage, Over-Current Or Improper Installation.)
  • CPU Socket Pin Bent (A Missing of CPU Socket Cover During the Transportation Will Cause A Damage Of CPU Socket Pins)
  • IC Pin Bent or Components Damaged (The Damage Are Caused by An Improper Installation or Hand Make Mistake or External Impact.)
  • Broken Slot/ Connector/ Header (Those Damaged Are Caused by Incorrect Installation or Packing.)

Warranty Sticker in bad condition Repaired by Customer of by third party (If the Motherboard Had Been Repaired Locally by The Customer or Third Party, The RMA Warranty Will Be Avoided. BIOSTAR Had a Right to Reject the RMA Service. If BIOSTAR Accept the RMA Service All the Expenses, are Covered by The Customer. It Included Transportation Cost, Labor Cost, Tax and Material Cost. This Is Considered as Customer Induced Damaged.)