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Biostar is first on the scene with GF6100 mobo.
"The Biostar has enough flexibility to satisfy many users." AnandTech gives its readers a first peek at NVIDIA's brand new GeForce 6100/NF410 chipset with a review on the Biostar TForce 6100-939 motherboard.
iDEQ 350G is an SFFTech Recommended Product.
"The 350G is an absolute top-flight Intel-based SFF and we welcome it to the marketplace." SFFTech is very impressed by iDEQ 350G's advanced features and sensible designs.
IDEQ 210P wins AnandTech Editor's Choice.
"Our Bronze Editor's Choice goes to the Biostar iDEQ 210P, and it is an easy recommendation." With its excellent features and a reasonable price, the iDEQ 210P stands out in this part 1 of AnandTech's SFF roundup.
IDEQ 210P has nForce3 250GB under the hood.
"If you are looking for an attractive small form factor based on the nForce 3 250GB chipset then the Biostar IDEQ 210P should be on your list." AMDZone takes a look at iDEQ 210P.
IDEQ 200N is recommended by PCAchat.
Rising above the rest in an SFF roundup, the iDEQ 200N wins Five-Star QUALITE-PRIX award from French IT publication PCAchat.
K8NHA Grand packs a performance punch.
"It fully takes advantage of the features of the nForce 3 250GB chipset, and it packs a punch in performance." AMDZone sings the praises of K8NHA Grand - the affordable nForce 3 250GB solution.
Biostar launches GeForce 7800GTX-based graphics card...
(June 22, 2005)
iDEQ 330P is now available! Buy one and get a free 802.11g card...
(May 26, 2005)
Come visit Biostar during Computex 2005 in Taipei...
(May 20, 2005)
iDEQ 330G and 330P are the newest SFFs that break the mold...
(Apr. 13, 2005)
   P4M80-M7A v7.x  (B24)
   P4M80-M4  (B08)
   TForce 6100-939 (B02)
   GeForce 6100-M9 (A21)
   TForce 6100 (A14)
   U8668 D  (R41)
   NF4UL-A9  (912)
   NF4ST-A9  (829)
   K8VGA-M  (0829)
   NF325-A7  (826)
   K8T80-A7  (809)
   I915P-A7  (809)
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