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TForce 6100-939
The Biostar TForce 6100-939 is one of the first products to hit the market featuring NVIDIA's much-anticipated GeForce 6100 family of integrated graphics solutions. It is based on the GeForce 6100/NF410 chipset with built-in GeForce 6100 graphics core and support for PCI-Express bus architecture, SATA2 RAID, dual DDR400 memory, and more. The TForce 6100-939 was designed with overclocking enthusiasts in mind. Overclockers of all levels of expertise can enjoy squeezing the last drop of performance out of their system by using the board's abundant and flexible overclocking features.  more...
Chipset   Models
Socket 939
nVidia GeForce 6100   TForce 6100-939     GeForce 6100-M9      
nVidia nForce 4   NF4ST-A9      
nVidia nForce 4 SLI   N4SLI-A9      
nVidia nForce 4 Ultra   NF4UL-A9   TForce4 U      
Socket 775
Intel 945P   I945P-A7      
Intel 945G   I945G-M7      
Intel 925X   P4TAW Extreme      
Intel 915G   I915G-M7      
Intel 915P   I915P-A7      
Intel 865G   I865G-M7      
Intel 865PE   I86PE-A7      
nVidia nForce 4 SLI IE   N4SIE-A7      
VIA P4M800   P4M80-M7   P4M80-M7A v7.x    
Socket 754
nVidia GeForce 6100   TForce 6100     GeForce 6100-M7      
nVidia nForce3 150   K8NHA Pro   K8NHA-M    
nVidia nForce3 250   NF325-A7      
nVidia nForce3 250 GB   K8NHA Grand      
VIA K8M800   K8VGA-M   K8M800-M7A       
VIA K8T800   K8VHA Pro   K8T80-A7    
Socket A
nVidia nForce2 400  M7NCD      
nVidia nForce2 400 Ultra  M7NCD Ultra  M7NCD Pro    
nVidia nForce2 IGP  M7NCG  M7NCG Pro  M7NCG 400  
SiS 740  M7SUA  M7VKQ Pro    
VIA KLE133  M7VKQ      
VIA KM266 Pro  M7VIG 400      
VIA KM400  M7VIZ  M7VIZ v8.x  M7VIZ-SATA  
VIA KT266A  M7VIW  M7VIW D    
VIA KT333  M7VIF  M7VIP  M7VIP Pro  
VIA KT400  M7VIK  M7VIT  M7VIT Pro  
VIA KT400A  M7VIT Bravo      
VIA KT600  M7VIT 800 v7.x      
Socket 478
Intel 845GE  P4TGE  P4TGT    
Intel 845GL  P4TDQ  P4TDQ Pro    
Intel 845GV  P4TGV  P4TGV-R    
Intel 845PE  P4TPT  P4TPT800    
Intel 848P  P4TSP-D2      
Intel 865G  P4TSG Pro  P4TSV    
Intel 865PE  P4TSE  P4TSE Pro  P4TSE-D2  
Intel 875P  P4TCA Pro      
SiS 650GX  P4SXQ      
VIA P4M266A  U8668 D      
VIA P4X400  U8798 Pro      
VIA PM800  P4VMA-M  P4M80-M4    
VIA PT800  P4VTB  P4VTG v7.x    
Socket 370
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