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Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions
1.My computer does not boot up. It is emitting a siren-like sound.
2.I have just upgraded my computer with a new Biostar motherboard. Now every time Windows tries to start, a blue screen with indecipherable error messages appears.
3.I turn on the computer, it stays on for a few seconds then abruptly shuts off automatically.
4.How do I install Windows 2000/XP onto SATA hard drives, the SATA RAID controller is VIA VT6420 or VIA VT8237?
5.How do I install SATA RAID drivers on the iDEQ 300 series without a built-in floppy drive connector?
6.I am getting no beep, no POST, and no video display when I turn on my computer.
7.How do I update my motherboard BIOS?
8.Where can I find the BIOS version number of my motherboard?
9.What is an XGP slot?
10.I am using a Biostar Socket 939 motherboard with one stick of memory module. Can I install the memory module in any available memory slot?
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