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iDEQ Cooling
Among other things, the innovative cooling and heat-dissipation system sets the Biostar iDEQ small form factor (SFF) systems apart from the competition. It enables the iDEQ to run coolly and quietly without sacrificing performance. The iDEQ's spacious interior allows easy installation and upgrade.
The centerpiece of the technology is the processor heatsink and fan. The heatsink-and-fan unit is installed horizontally atop the processor. The variable speed fan blows across the heatsink to move the hot air to the rear of the system, where it is immediately sucked out of the chassis by the rear case fan. The variable speed fan adjusts its RPM automatically in response to the CPU temperature level. Users can override the setting to suit their needs by using a Windows-based fan control utility. The heatsink block is constructed with aluminum and copper (200N has mostly aluminum, 200T has mostly copper) with fins.

To further ehance the efficiency of the heatsink-and-fan unit, copper heat pipes are embedded within the heatsink. These U-shaped heat pipes quickly move heat away from the base to the rest of the heatsink.


The system's power supply also plays a big role in heat-dissipation. The power supply's internal fan is positioned directly above the heatsink and helps cooling by sucking in hot air and ejecting it out of the chassis through the rear.

On the bottom of the system, there are three recesses situated below where the CPU, Northbridge, and Southbridge would be on the motherboard. With the help of thermal pads, these recesses draw heat away from the three hot spots on the motherboard and transfer it to the aluminum base of the chassis. Essentially, the base itself becomes a giant heatsink.

To ensure that nothing stands in the way of optimal air flow, all cables inside the iDEQ are neatly tucked away in the crevices of the chassis. On the side panels there are two rows of shark-gill blowholes to help improve air ventilation and reduce noise and vibration levels.

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