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Thank you for purchasing Biostar products. If you have any technical questions regarding your Biostar products, we are here to assist you. To help us provide better service, we kindly ask you to review the following information before contacting us.

 Make sure you have the latest BIOS and drivers
Always make sure your motherboard has the latest drivers and BIOS. We are constantly tweaking the drivers and BIOS to fix bugs, add new features and improve performance. To find a list of downloadable files applicable to you, please go to the Download Area and select your product.

 Review the product manual
The user's manual contains information on product specs, jumper settings, pin layouts, and other technical information that may help you. To download the user's manual in PDF format, visit the Documentations section and select your product.

 Find help on this web site
Try browsing the technical resources on this web site. If you need to know the type of processor your board supports, try the CPU Support Chart. Download the compatibility test reports and other technical documents from the Documentations area. Our Knowledge Base has lots of frequently asked questions and other technical information.

 Ask your reseller for help
The resellers who carry Biostar products usually keep themselves abreast of the latest technical information and changes in Biostar products. Contact your reseller for product support and warranty information.

 Fill out our online Technical Support Form
If you still need technical support and can't find answers on this web site, please fill out this online Technical Support Form.

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